We have built 5 homes over the past 30 years so we are not a stranger to the building process. We selected Tom as our builder after doing our research which included talking to former customers. Our experience with Tom was wonderful. He communicated very well throughout the process, involved us in many of the major decisions, didn’t “nickel and dime” us for minor adjustments to the design and most of all, built a very solid and efficient home. His knowledge of the building process and local connections improved the original house design andhelped us meet our budget goals. If we were to build again, Tom Fredo would be our first choice for a builder.
– Scott & Linda Duncan
Resident since 2010
The Summit at Cider Mill Heights
We are the proud homeowners of a truly “custom built” home by Tom Fredo Custom Homes. In the winter of 2006 we finally found a home that not only met but exceeded all of our expectations, not to mention the magnificent views! The builder; Tom Fredo put more than just hard work and dedication into this home, he put his own personal touches! From the lavish wine cellar to the enormous in-law to the sprawling 3rd floor family room from which we enjoy our morning coffee and sunrise, every inch of this home was utilized graciously. Tom himself and his beautiful family resided in our home for 7 years before we purchased it from him. Our decision to either build new or purchase pre-existing construction was eased once we viewed this well cared for quality built home. Just like every other home purchase there were changes that we made to make it fit our personal lifestyle, which Tom was more than happy to assist with. The experience from start to finish was both stress free and enjoyable. We would recommend Tom to anyone looking to not only build a home but maintain a friendly relationship with their builder even after the closing.
– Cliff & Marie Selby
Residence since 2006
Cider Mill Heights
Tom Fredo and his Dad built my home back in 1992 in Granby Farms. The attention that they gave me before and during the building process was exceptional. After my home was built, they made every effort to assure me that everything was done to my liking, which it was. I’m still there 20 years later!! An additional incident that stands out regarding Tom Fredo was the fact that after being in my home for a couple of years, there was a horrific wind storm one day that caused damage to both my home and many others in the Granby Farms subdivision. Tom and his Dad went around and repaired every single home that sustained damage at NO COST for materials OR labor! They were not obligated to do it, but it just showed me that my builder cared about the homes he built and the neighborhood. The professionalism that he displayed characterizes only the very best of builders. I have told Tom repeatedly over the years, that if I should ever build another home, he will be my builder.
– Thomas C Kerrigan
6 Granby Farms Road, Granby CT
My husband Jeff and I decided to build a new home and were struggling to find the perfect house plans. We settled on a unique house plan that we had found on-line, purchased the prints and began looking for a builder who could accommodate our somewhat unique house plan. We were introduced to Tom and immediately knew he was the perfect builder to help us with our new home. He was more than willing to work with our plans and spent many hours with us making adjustments and advising us of improvements we could make to our original design. We worked closely with him throughout the construction period; Tom was in constant touch with us and the process was incredibly smooth. He often called us during construction to offer suggestions and unique ideas that we implemented and helped make our home better than we originally thought it would be. His construction teams, the contractors, were very friendly and professional and their quality of workmanship was top-notch. We truly enjoyed our experience and are very grateful for our beautiful new home. Tom is a very good and ethical business man, and he is also generous and kind -- and a wonderful family man. We couldn't be happier.
– Jeff Somers & Christine Peaslee
Residents since 2011
The Summit at Cider Mill Heights